August 2001 Smart Wire and Leviton




Smart Wire, LLC one of the first Leviton Certified!
Leviton certifies Smart Wire as one of their first Residential Structured Media installers.
August 21, 2001 -- Structured Cabling Certification is fast becoming a commonly used term, but not all Certifications are alike. The value of Leviton certified installation depends upon the seamless combination of four elements:

1. Quality Hardware from Leviton
2. Quality Cables from Program Cable Partners
3. Quality Installation from Program Installation Partners
4. Applications Assurance and Product Warranty

The Certification Program is a carefully crafted program developed with the intent of providing real value to residential and business customers. The Certification Program brings these four elements together and offers end users security and assurance that they are getting the highest performance possible from their structured cabling system.
The key to the success of this program is the
installation personnel. Leviton enters into special
arrangements with Certified Installation Companies,
called Certification Program Installation Partners, to
assist designers and users with product selection,
installation, testing, and support. Certification
Program Installation Partners are a select group of the
best installation companies/network integrators in an

The Certification Program selects installation partners
who meet the following selection criteria:

Provide premises network installation and maintenance
Design, install, and test in compliance with TIA/EIA
Residential Building Standards.
Maintain the highest quality and standards compliant
installation practices.
Provide engineering support for LAN design and


For More Information Contact:

Smart Wire, LLC
Shorewood, IL
Tel: 815-744-8158


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